We have worked on a range of immersive storytelling projects. Some of these include VR, Interactive, Documentaries, Corporate, Impact Campaign and more.

Virtual Reality
MADE - Meet me at the End of the Assembly Line

MADE is the prototype of an interactive VR journey. It links consumers through objects they own and love, to stories of factory workers who created them.

Whether it is through the device we are looking at or the array of goods we live with, we are endlessly connected to the women who made our products.

During the journey the user will be invited to glimpse into the world of one of the factory workers who made the products they own. By observing and conversing with the worker, the experience will asks the user to reflect on their own choices and their role in this relationship with the worker.

Coming soon!

Create Your Own - An Interactive Documentary

A journey where you can understand the concept of “Creativity” by an experience that guides the user to Create-Your-Own-Documentary.

The interaction collects the hopes and fears of how young people feel about their place in the world and through the journey, they can reflect on how their creativity lies in how they believe they can create their own path.

Coming soon!

The Train out of the Jungle

2015 Short Documentary for RTHK where the story follows 22-year-old Syrian, Ehmed as he tries to make it from Calais to the UK, shedding light on the larger European refugee crisis.

In the small town of Calais, thousands of refugees were camped there, waiting to cross over to the U.K. This town was called The Jungle, a place without electricity and limited water. To escape The Jungle, every night refugees will risk their life to smuggle onto a truck, or to jump onto a train bound for the UK.

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Rethinking Wealth

A corporate video for RS Group, an organization that bring new, collaborative approaches to investment, business and philanthropy to build a global community where social progress and economic development occur in harmony with nature. They focus on climate change and sustainability effort in the companies they invest in.

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Impact Campaign
Creativity is

A multi-year campaign set to change the perception of Creativity amongst young people in Hong Kong.

The campaign includes a documentary, a series of workshops and experiences as well as an upcoming city-wide festival in 2019.

The campaign is on its ninth month, reach close to 3000 people through 50 events across Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

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Impact Campaign

A series of short portraits of young people in Manila who are studying in technical night schools and striving to take their families out of the poverty cycle. Bold-Ed is a campaign to change the mindset of employers to provide jobs to underprivileged young people.

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